How To Remove The Belly In A Week: Exercise At Home

a series of exercises for slimming the abdomen

The problem of fat in the waist area worries many, hence the question, "How do you properly pump your abs at home to remove the stomach and sides? " worries most girls because not every woman has the opportunityhas to go to the gym. Because of this, today we're going to look at effective lower and upper abs exercises that you can do at home.

The belly is a problem area for the vast majority of girls and women around the world. Even skinny girls can develop small tummies if they stop eating properly and skip training at the health club. What can we say about bulging? Your belly needs constant checking.

If you are preparing your body for summer or a trip to the sea and want to get rid of your annoying stomach with abdominal exercises, we will show you how you can do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let's find out how to swing abs for weight loss stomach and is it possible to remove stomach by swinging abs?

How often do you need to pump the abs to remove the stomach?

It is advisable to do exercises for the press every day, but if it seems too difficult for you, then at least every two days. The total number of classes per week should be at least four. There is no need to rush your head into the pool immediately and exhaust yourself with dozen of approaches and hundreds of repetitions of each exercise. Start small.

5-10 reps in one set and a total of 30 reps is enough to get started. In the future, increase the number to 50. How much it will take to pump the press to remove the stomach will depend on many factors, including diet and the individual characteristics of the body.

Concentrate on your feelings and well-being while exercising. You should feel like your muscles are tightening. If you don't feel them, you are most likely doing something wrong.

For the fastest results, do the exercises twice a day - morning and evening.

Rules for ab exercises

Abdominal exercises

It is possible to pump the press both at home and in the gym. Motivation and focus on results will definitely do the trick. And in combination with any diet, you will achieve what you want in no time.

How to eat during exercise to remove belly and side fat?

Many girls are undoubtedly interested in "If you pump abs, will the fat go away from the stomach? "! When combined with proper diet and regular exercise, the result will not make you wait and soon you will find that the belly and sides start to shrink. However, it's important to remember that abs training isn't an excuse for uncontrollably eating candy. Agree, there will be little benefit in teaching if you yourself destroy the result achieved.

In order for the training to lead to more results, you need to eat properly and balanced. In no case, however, should you starve to death and follow diets that include only a few apples a day. Try to increase your protein intake and decrease your fat and carbohydrate intake.

To get rid of fat in a targeted way, you need to give your body cardio loads (running, cycling) to use as much energy as possible and burn fat.

If the abdominal exercises are the same for the stronger and weaker sex, the goals are different. The guys' embossed press looks attractive, then six dice is overkill for a girl and many will agree, but two vertical stripes look pretty good. Yes, and a dried body with no fat can be a threat to the beautiful half of humanity. Because of this, the fat balance in the body is disturbed, which leads to problems with reproductive function. So in everything you need to know, when to stop.

How to properly and quickly build abs at home to remove fat from the stomach and sides

Before the lesson

There are simple rules that must be followed in order for your training to be fruitful:

  • All exercises that are performed lying down must roughly be performed on a firm, flat surface on the floor. If the floor feels too hard for you, place a fitness mat on the floor.
  • Fresh air has to come into the room. Constipation not only causes discomfort to breathe, it also increases the stress on the heart.
  • Fill up with clean drinking water without gas or special drinks that stimulate the metabolism.
  • There must be an interval of three hours between the last meal and training.
  • Before you proceed directly to the exercises for the press, you need to do a small general warm-up phase to warm up the muscles.
  • Your abs can recover very quickly. So don't take long breaks between exercises.
  • Only regular training brings results.

Effective abs exercises that will help you quickly remove the abdomen and sides at home

How do you pump up your lower abdomen at home?

The most common way of pumping the lower press is to raise the body 45 degrees from the floor and raise and lower the legs. A clear implementation of these exercises will help properly inflate the bottom press for girls at home.

Lifting the body 45 degrees from the floor

Execution: Lie on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor. Lift your torso, straighten your arms up and forward as much as possible. Make sure your abs are as tight as possible. Start with 20 to 30 repetitions and then gradually work up to the maximum possible amount for you.

Raise and lower legs

Execution: Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms along your torso. Raise your legs at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Lower your legs back as low as possible, but until your lower back touches the floor. Do 15-25 reps.

Universal Upper Press

"How to pump the abdominal muscles to remove fat from the abdomen, which exercises to choose? " - This question interests many beginners. The following exercises will not only help inflate the upper press, but also keep the entire abdomen in shape.

Raise the pelvis

Execution: Lie on your back, lift your legs and bend at your knees. Put your hands on your torso. Lift your pelvis off the floor and pull your knees toward your chest. Bring your legs back to their original position. Make sure your shoulders are not off the floor. Do 20-30 reps.


This is a classic abdominal exercise. It is used to pump the upper abdomen.

Exercise: Lie on your back and bend your legs. Lift your torso and straighten your elbows up to your knees. Right elbow from left knee and vice versa.

One of the curl options is the straight curl.

Execution: Lie down perpendicular to the wall. Bend your legs at your knees and lean your feet against the wall. Raise your legs so that your shoulder blades fall off the floor and your lower back is pressed firmly to the floor.

Callanetics Twists -1/100

This exercise differs from normal twisting in that it is performed in a static position.

Execution: Like a normal turn, but with the only difference: If you reach with your elbow to the knee, you have to fix the position of the trunk for exactly 100 seconds. They counted to a hundred and returned to their original position. They reached in the other direction, fixed their position, and counted to a hundred again. Do the exercise an even number of times.

In every twisting exercise, make sure that the lower back does not fall off the floor and that the neck muscles are relaxed.

Plank is the best exercise to lose belly and flank fat

Great exercise that not only works all abdominal muscles, but also the entire body. The exercise is completely static. Also, the longer you stay still, the better. In terms of efficiency, it is in no way inferior to dynamic exercises. There are many ways to do the plank exercise.

Execution: You need to take an accent while lying almost like a push-up. But the focus should not be on the palm of the hand, but on the entire forearm. Look straight ahead. You need to stand up straight so you can draw a straight line from head to toe. Freeze this position for 30 seconds to begin, then gradually increase the time to 5 minutes.

Don't be lazy and do all these exercises every day as they don't take much time, no more than 20 minutes. And that's not that high a price tag for a nice flat stomach that you are about to get.

How to remove your belly in a week of training without harm

effective abdominal slimming exercises

It is easier for regular gym visitors to lose weight. But the dilemma of getting rid of belly and flank fat can also be solved at home.

Basic exercises turn the tire and train the abdominal muscles.

The hula hoop rotation prepares the abdominal muscles for training, activates the blood circulation and optimizes the metabolism. The exercise can easily be combined with watching television. For beginners, it is better to take a light tire and make it heavier over time. Adjust your legs to a width that is the size of your shoulders and rotate them clockwise. Practice with the hoop for 20 minutes. It will be more fun to learn with music.

Then you should start the complex in the press. You need to do exercises for weight loss on the abdomen and sides: 15-30 repetitions in three sets with minimal rest.

Effective exercises for losing weight from the stomach and sides:

  1. slopes.Stand with your hands on your sides and feet. We tilt the body parallel to the floor, stretch towards the left leg and pull our arms in opposite directions. Then we bend back to the right (the side seems to be clamped in place) and put our hands back on the belt. We repeat in the other direction. It turns out a kind of diagonal slope.
  2. trunk rotations.Rotate the body left and right from the previous position. The body remains motionless below the waist.
  3. side plank.Sit on your side and rest on your forearm. Lift your body up and straighten up like a string. Hold for as long as possible (ideally 2 minutes). Roll over and repeat.
  4. scissors.Lie on the floor, lift your legs off the floor and cross them faster.
  5. bicycle.Continue to lie down, bend your leg and straighten your knee towards the opposite elbow. Do this for the other side.
  6. Side slopes.Take a bottle of water (whoever has a dumbbell) in your hand and lean to one side. Repeat for the other hand.
  7. folding knife.Lie on your back with your body stretched out like a string (arms stretch over your head). Lift all limbs in parallel. Try touching your toes with your fingers.
  8. Side curls.Starting position - also put your hands behind your head. At right angles, bent legs are brought alternately in opposite directions.

Correctly selected physical exercises are the guarantee for beautiful and firm skin. In addition, the process of losing weight will be felt, and when you exercise in the fresh air, you will receive a load of positive emotions.

Sometimes situations arise where the abdomen needs to be removed within seven days and this problem can be resolved. Even in a week, you can get right with a bigger desire. In this situation, it should be remembered that seven days is too short. Based on the term, you should act comprehensively, the components of which are effective exercises for weight loss in a week.

During training, the body warms up, more heat and oxygen get into the fat deposits, thereby destroying them. During exercise, you can not only remove the layer of fat, but also get younger outwardly. You can do such quick weight loss exercises at home in a week.

You need to start your lesson with a little warm up: jog in place (2 minutes) 10 forward bends and left and right. Jump on the spot (1 minute)

The main part of the training:

  • swaying abdominal muscles. To do this, lie down on the floor, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head. Lift the body. It's best to start with 10 lifts and gradually add 1-2 lifts.
  • This exercise should be performed lying on your side. Therefore, raise your leg as high as possible and fix it for a few seconds. Better to start with 5 times on each leg.
  • The following exercise will help tone your lower abdomen by lying on the floor with your hands under your back and lifting both legs at the same time. You need to do this exercise about 10 times to add to the load over time.

At the end of this home workout, stretch and take a contrast shower.

In order for the weight loss process to lead to more productive results, there are a few more tips you need to follow:

  • It is best to practice in the morning and in the evening. Classes should be conducted on an empty stomach and should not be eaten for about an hour after class.
  • It is impossible to remove fatty deposits in a short time without following a diet. That's why you have to limit yourself to at least sweet and bold.
  • once a week it is advisable to have a day of fasting while you can use apples, kefir and buckwheat. Such a day will add more energy to the body and rid it of unnecessary substances.
  • if the woman is already 35-45 years old. Then here you should take a more thorough approach, for this it is better to use classes in the pool and follow a diet. However, when dieting, it is important not to rely on dietary restrictions.
  • If you don't feel like exercising at all, walks will help. You have to walk, work or go to school a lot. To cancel the transport and only use legs as a means of transport.
  • If you gained excess weight during pregnancy, then it is impossible to lose it in a week and you should not torment yourself. In such a situation, you should eat healthy, do doable exercises, and everything will go away on its own.