Diet for the lazy: reviews, menus for every day

The Lazy Diet is literally meant for people like that. And laziness is expressed in unwillingness to bother with developing the menu, cooking and intense physical activity. According to reviews, you can get rid of 5 kilograms in a week.

The essence of the diet

Diet rules for the lazy

The essence of this diet, also referred to as water in various sources, is to drink water properly. That is, at a certain time - before a meal in half an hour, and after that in 2 hours. Everyone, even a small snack or a cup of coffee, should be accompanied by this ritual. In between, all drinking is prohibited. This principle is based on the fact that any liquid that enters the stomach with food negatively affects the composition and concentration of gastric juice. Accordingly, digestion slows down and the reserves on the sides are replenished. In addition, the water consumed occupies a certain part of the stomach and the amount of food consumed is guaranteed to be less.

Of course, the first liquid dishes are not welcome in this food system either.

In order for weight loss to be as productive as possible, it is recommended to drink large amounts of green tea for several days before starting the diet. It will help the body purify itself and activate the metabolism.

How much can you lose a kilogram?

It is difficult to give an exact number. In any case, details can turn out to be deceit. The amount of pounds lost depends on many factors:

  • initial weight.
  • age.
  • lifestyle.
  • gender.

However, the analysis of the reviews shows that people with such a food system lose an average of 3 to 9 kg per week. You can determine the exact number by testing the diet on yourself.


Like any nutritional system, a diet for the lazy only works if certain rules are carefully followed.

  1. Drink properly:
    • adheres to time intervals;
    • water should be at room temperature;
    • Take your time and take a small sip.
    • Get eight hours of healthy sleep. Research shows that over 70% of obese people don't get enough sleep. Recovery is an important stage in the functioning of the body. The productivity of the organism, especially the metabolism, depends on its usefulness.
    • Eat slowly and thoroughly, chewing each piece.
    • Whenever possible, combine yourself with physical activity, at least in the form of walking products or dance to your favorite music at home.
    • Avoid products that contain sugar and white flour. Besides the fact that these foods are the first to be found on the sides, stomach and hips, they are also of absolutely no health value.


At first glance, drinking a lot of water doesn't hurt. But if you follow the rules of the diet for the lazy then literally 2 glasses of water should precede each piece. The result is a decent daily shift. In addition to the fact that this puts a strain on the kidneys and urinary system, it also stretches the stomach. It is worth remembering and properly planning your diet.

For health reasons, there are no specific prohibitions for this approach, as clean water in appropriate amounts cannot harm. However, the allowed and prohibited products must be determined based on the presence of diseases and the recommendations of doctors.

Lazy Diet Menu

The proposed menu is the best diet for weight loss. There are no strict requirements to consume diet products only, but this approach maximizes the effects and improves health. So water and food intake during the day:

Example diet menu for the lazy
  1. Immediately after waking up, drink two glasses of water in small sips.
  2. In 20 minutes - breakfast of all products, except sweets and flour products. Our option is cereal.
  3. After 2 hours - 2 glasses of water.
  4. In 20 minutes - fruit, dried fruit, diet biscuits with tea or coffee.
  5. After 2 hours - 2 glasses of water.
  6. After 20 minutes - lunch with vegetables in any form, preferably boiled or steamed, and any dish with lean meat.
  7. After 2 hours - 2 glasses of water.
  8. 20 minutes have passed - a glass of kefir or other drink, you can use any raw vegetable instead.
  9. After 2 hours - 2 glasses of water.
  10. In 20 minutes - dinner with all protein products: eggs, fish, meat, legumes and salad.
  11. After 2 hours - 2 glasses of water.

By doing simple math, you can find that the amount of water you drink per day is 12 glasses, that is, 3 liters. If drinking this much is difficult or unusual, squeezing the juice from lemon wedges into each glass can improve the taste.

Popular lazy diets

Like most weight loss systems, the lazy diet has different variations for people with different taste preferences. Many stars and proponents of proper nutrition adhere to the principle of drinking abundantly for life and adapt the diet to themselves.

On normal water

This is the classic diet for the lazy. You should consume raw water at room temperature. It is allowed to add a teaspoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice during the day immediately after waking up. In addition to losing weight, drinking accelerates the body's metabolism and hydration from within. This has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair, nails and well-being.

Many people confuse characteristic dehydration with vitamin deficiency. Brittle hair, dry skin, chapped lips, elbows and heels, dandruff and bags under the eyes are eloquent symptoms of water imbalance. Therefore, it is better to drink before using vitamins. The result will be visible in a week.

Diet for lazy people minus 5 kg per week

The water diet actually helps some people lose 5kg if they follow their rules. This happens due to both the accelerated metabolism and the temporary gaps between meals.

In order to achieve such a result, the caloric intake must be significantly reduced, physical activity and packs must be combined. In this case, it does not matter whether the procedures are carried out at home or inside the walls of the salon. The wraps locally remove slag along with water. And its constant replenishment contributes to healthy skin.

The Lazy Honey Diet

The essence of the honey diet is to use honey for ingestion and as a cosmetic product when losing weight. Honey masks and wraps come in handy, and a teaspoon of a natural product, put in a glass of water in the morning and flavored with lemon juice, has a positive effect on digestion.

In addition to using honey, it is recommended to adjust the diet:

  • Fruit, bread and muesli are used for breakfast;
  • vegetables and meat - for lunch and dinner;
  • dried fruits for snacks.

In a couple of weeks of such food you can get rid of 8 kilograms. It is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to honey products.

A simple diet for the lazy

The simplest version of the water diet is drinking water according to the rules and the presence of the simplest dishes in the diet. It can be vegetables and fruits without heat treatment, meat, fish and eggs in boiled form, kefir and cottage cheese with a minimal fat content. The less time it takes to cook, the better for this weight loss system. The main rule is to eat everything raw.

Due to the large amount of fiber and fermented dairy products, a 7-day diet will help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins well. During this time, you can lose 3-4 kilograms.

Vinegar for the lazy

In this variant, 10 milliliters of apple cider vinegar are added to every glass of water that is consumed before meals. It has many health benefits and is a great alternative to lemon juice. It can be used not only in water, but also for dressing salads and other dishes.

Acetic acid accelerates the metabolism. In total, in 7 days of such a diet, you can lose up to 4 kilograms.

The diet is not suitable for people with diseases of the digestive system in chronic or acute form and with individual intolerance to apple cider vinegar.

Authoring method of the model

how to lose weight on a diet for the lazy

The author's method of taking off a well-known model and drinking plenty of water at the right time is characterized by simple dishes and low calorie content. No more than 1000 are permitted per day. Of the permitted products: meat, fish, eggs, sour fruits, berries, vegetables, milk, honey and cocoa powder in small amounts. Vinaigrette with potatoes is allowed once a week. The diet is calculated for 3 weeks, during which time they lose up to 15 kilograms.

Such weight loss is difficult to bear, so it requires a serious moral attitude.

fruits and vegetables

The Lazy Fruit and Vegetable Diet is a harder version of the Light Diet. During the week you can eat vegetables and fruits, mostly raw.

This is an excellent option for unloading and detoxifying the body with an accompanying recovery.

This weight loss system is traditionally calculated for 7 days, but can be used successfully for one, three and five days. Lost 500-1000 grams daily.

For women over 50

In adulthood, which is associated with a decline in reproductive function, most women are prone to rapid weight gain. The metabolism slows down almost twice during this time. Drinking plenty of water at the right time will speed it up. The amount of approved products varies widely. In fact, these are the names that are allowable with proper nutrition. Products with essential omega acids are considered mandatory. You can add lemon juice, honey or apple cider vinegar to the water if there are no contraindications.

Food fraction: at least 5 meals per day in small portions.

Due to physiological characteristics, women over 50 lose weight more slowly and lose an average of 2 kg per week of lazy diet.

Why is there no result?

While drinking water should be reasonably successful without digestive damage and with metabolic benefits, not everyone is waiting for it. Reasons why you shouldn't lose weight:

  1. Failure to adhere to the time intervals between drinking and eating, which has the opposite effect of the desired effect - slowing down the digestive process.
  2. Eat regular servingsTogether with two glasses of water, this amount of food will drink the stomach and increase appetite.
  3. Excessive amounts of harmful products that contain chemical additives and flavor enhancers.

We would like to draw your attention once again - a diet for the lazy will only bring results if all the rules are followed exactly.

Tips for overcoming hunger

Hard water diet options are difficult to tolerate when you are losing weight from hunger. To overcome this, you need to use a few tricks:

  • One teaspoon of honey in water on an empty stomach increases the level of insulin in the blood, making you feel full faster.
  • Warm water with a temperature of around 40 degrees creates a feeling of fullness more quickly.
  • The main difficulty is keeping the required time before meals. It is necessary to carefully and strictly plan the menu and not to keep food in the house that is not included in the receptions.
  • Do something interesting and come up with activities that distract from eating.
  • Make snacks with carbohydrates: the right flour products, fruits and dried fruits.
  • Use natural sweeteners for hot drinks. Safe sweetness deceives the need for confectionery.
  • Visual self-deception - using smaller bowls and filling the plates completely can help you overcome the mental discomfort associated with cutting portions.