Diet against gout: food table. What can and cannot be eaten?

Many may have heard of a disease like gout. It disrupts the activity of the musculoskeletal system as a result of the onset of the inflammatory process. The reason is a pathological process in which urates are deposited in all joints. Diet for gout and high uric acid will help significantly improve the patient's condition.

Alcoholism is the cause of gout

Causes of the disease

When we talk about the causes of this disease, the following should be kept in mind:

  • inheritance.
  • food.
  • Risk group, which includes people with overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and stomach diseases.
  • A person leads a sedentary lifestyle.
  • A person drinks alcohol all the time.

Constant consumption of large amounts of protein foods of animal origin can also lead to the development of the present disease.

What are the symptoms?

When talking about the symptoms of manifestation, the following should be noted here:

  • The person will feel acute joint pain. Most often it manifests itself in the morning and evening.
  • The joint is swollen and tender. It is impossible to touch it.
  • The skin turns red.
  • Increase in temperature and pressure.
  • nausea, decreased appetite.

It can be noted that gout manifests itself both in the form of seizures and in the form of a chronic disease. In addition, very often the work of the kidneys can be disturbed, which leads to complications.

What role does nutrition play?

Anyone who has ever encountered this disease knows that an attack can begin when a sick person eats or drinks something from the prohibited ingredients list. It is possible to cure the disease if medical nutrition from a leading specialist is prescribed. The patient must carefully follow all principles and avoid the use of prohibited ingredients.

It is best for a person to eat 5 times a day, but in small portions. He also needs to drink plenty of purified water and decoctions.

Among the diets that are common during illness, two groups can be identified. This is a healing option that is prescribed to make the disease worse. And prevention - most often occurs when the attack is gone, but the person still has to stick to the principles. In this case, the number of prohibited products is much lower.

Diet foods for gout

Basic principles of dietary nutrition

The main goal of the diet in this disease is to reduce the levels of uric acid compounds in each person's body. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • The number of foods that can be classified as animal proteins is limited.
  • Components are being introduced that contain a small amount of purine bases.
  • Sufficient fluid is injected.
  • The weight is decreasing.

If we talk about which foods should be excluded, then those that contain a large number of purines are assigned to them. These include:

  • Beef entrails. This includes the liver, kidneys, brains, and more.
  • prawns.
  • Some species of fish.
  • Fried legumes.
  • anchovies.

You should also reduce your intake of ingredients that contain medium purines. These include:

  • All products made from fatty meat, poultry.
  • fish products.
  • vegetables.

It should be emphasized that the meat of all young animals contains a large amount of purines. In addition, you should also reduce saturated fat. They disrupt the normal flow of fluid out of the kidneys. You also need to know the list, which is strictly prohibited in case of illness. These include:

  • Smoked meat and ingredients that are sold as canned goods.
  • Frozen meat and fish products.
  • broths.
  • Any kind of alcohol.
  • Legumes and frozen vegetables or canned vegetables.
  • Grain, except rice, wheat.
  • All confectionery that is prepared with salt and sugar.
  • Salt, spices, marinades, olives, ketchup and other flavor enhancers in dishes.

A general table with permitted and prohibited foods is provided for later compliance with the nutritional principles.

Categories Allowed Prohibited
Baked goods Black or white bread, uncomfortable pastries Baked goods
Meat dishes rabbit, turkey, chicken Smoked, uncooked and boiled sausages, small sausages, sausages, meat from young animals, fatty pork, offal (lungs, liver, kidneys), canned food
Seafood, fish Marine cephalopods, crustaceans, shrimp, lean fish (salmon, trout), squid Fatty, salted, smoked or fried fish (sardines, sprats, cod), caviar
Dairy products Low-fat milk, kefir, unsalted cheese, yogurt, sour cream, eggs (this product is allowed, but you can only eat it once a day, 1 piece of any kind), cottage cheese Salty and spicy cheese
Grain Everything except legumes Lentils, beans, soybeans, beans
Vegetables Dill, corn, beets, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin (helps to improve metabolism) mushrooms, sorrel
Fruits, berries Oranges, mandarins, green apples, dates, persimmons, dried fruits (except raisins), strawberries, lemons, apricots, pears grapes, figs, raspberries
dishes Muesli with milk, vegetarian borscht, potato soups with muesli, salads made from fresh and pickled vegetables, vinaigrette, vegetable caviar, vegetables, milk or sour cream sauce Meat, fish or mushroom broth, sorrel soup and dishes with the addition of legumes and spinach; Sauces based on the broths mentioned above, mayonnaise
Candy Marshmallow, jam, jam, marshmallow, non-chocolates, ice cream Cream cakes, pastries
Fats Any vegetable oil margarine, lard
Drinks Green tea, tea made from fruits and berries, tea with milk and lemon, juice (any, even tomatoes), herbal teas, fruit drinks, fruit and berry compotes, fresh cucumber juice, alkaline mineral water are also very useful for gout. Rose hip broth, chicory Any alcohol, especially beer and wine; Coffee, cocoa, strong tea
Spices Vanillin, cinnamon, bay leaf, citric acid Pepper, mustard, horseradish, hot spices
Allowed foods for gout

What is permissible for the minimum consumption?

As with any diet, there are deviations here. But you have to remember them and stick to them. You can use a specific list of ingredients, but weekly or monthly. The following is used no more than once a day, but preferably every three days:

  • If you are a tea lover and you can't live without it, you can add milk there. Can also be added to grain.
  • Beef is considered a forbidden item, but it can be cooked and eaten once a week. This reduces the amount of purine by 50%.
  • You can eat asparagus, celery and spinach. In no case should the number be increased significantly.
  • Some fish species are allowed. Cod or trout are best.
  • Cooked poultry, but in small quantities.
  • Sometimes you can eat marinades. However, this is only possible if you are feeling well.
  • Tomatoes and spring onions.
  • A small amount of butter.
  • Salo.

Unless you abuse such products, in rare cases a person can afford them.

What can you eat?

Now that you've checked the list of features that you can and can't sometimes use, it's worth moving on to the features. The crux of the matter is creating a diet from a list of acceptable foods. The list is very diverse and therefore everyone can choose for themselves what they really want to eat. The main list of allowable ingredients should include:

  • Diet meat. These include turkey, rabbit and, in rare cases, chicken.
  • All kinds of lean fish.
  • vegetable broth soups. Already cooked meat can be added there. But you need to cook it separately, as meat broth is prohibited.
  • Pasta, bread and muesli.
  • berries.
  • Fermented dairy products.
  • Desserts like marshmallow, marshmallow and jam.
  • nuts and plums.
  • oil. Flax seeds or olives are best.
  • Vegetables other than legumes.
  • fruit and green tea.
  • herbal teas.
  • fruit drinks and juices. There should be no preservatives.
  • herbs like basil, dill, parsley.

One of the most ideal ingredients for those affected is cabbage. It is used in absolutely any form and allows you to get rid of all unnecessary elements from the body.

If the gout worsens, it is best to switch to liquid or semi-liquid meals. It can be mashed potatoes from vegetables, jelly, muesli, soups. It must be remembered that this is not even a diet for gout, but a principle for the correct functioning of any organism.

Table products no. 6

Table 6: What is it?

Very often a diet for gout, as well as urolithiasis, is prescribed. These diseases used to be called "royal" because they arose from high consumption of fatty foods and alcohol. Nowadays the reasons are known, and therefore doctors only prescribe a strict diet. As part of this, you can cook really delicious and varied dishes.

During an exacerbation, you can bring some relief and get rid of the disease. There are serious limitations as well as some variations. The duration is only determined by the doctor's prescription. Specifically, you can include:

  • The amount of food consumed is moderate.
  • Foods that contain large amounts of purines and salt are limited.
  • Limited to meat and fish.
  • At least 2 liters of water are used.
  • You should never go hungry.
  • Food fractionation occurs 5-6 times a day.

In table 6 you can eat the following:

  • An egg of any kind.
  • bread. You can eat rye and wheat products, as well as all flour desserts.
  • meat products and fish. You need to choose low-fat varieties that are pre-cooked. You cannot eat more than 150 g of meat per day.
  • No broths are allowed.
  • dairy products. You can eat cottage cheese, fermented dairy products. It should be present in the diet every day.
  • vegetables. The only digression is the exclusion of legumes, marinades and pickles.
  • grain. You can use absolutely any type, but in moderation.
  • fruits and berries. The use of citrus fruits is recommended. For sweets, you can eat jam, honey, milk desserts.
  • drinks. This includes juices, fruit drinks, and clean water. In no case should you drink tea, carbonated drinks, coffee or alcohol.

Under no circumstances should you eat salty cheese. You should also exclude all dried fruits except plums.

Drinking regime

What about your drinking regime?

Every doctor attaches great importance to a drinking pattern, as water accelerates the excretion of purine bases. The total amount of water must be at least 2. 5 liters. But here you need to pay attention to the doctor's prescriptions. If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, the volume is adjusted. If a person has urolithiasis, then it is better to choose mineral water. This can alkalize the urine. In addition, you can add any citrus fruits.

What about weight?

Obesity is also very common with gout. When gout occurs, it is necessary to reduce body weight. Since high-calorie foods always lead to an increase in the uric acid level in the plasma, the consumption should not exceed 30 kcal per 1 kg of body weight.

Weight reduction should take place gradually. Best of all, when it's 1kg per month.

In no case should you resort to fasting, as it will only complicate the situation with the disease. It is best to use diets such as kefir, cottage cheese, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.

The weight loss results from limiting the consumption of baked goods and sugar. If you have high blood pressure or ischemia with gout, it is best to eat a low-cholesterol diet.

Drinking alcohol for gout is a mistake

Typical errors

Many people, especially those who do not follow the required information, encounter errors very often. The most common are:

  • Drink alcohol.
  • Food that is high in purines.
  • Low fluid intake.
  • Excessive calorie intake.
  • Large amount of fat and protein.
  • Increased consumption of table salt.
  • Lack of fruits and vegetables in the human diet.

All of this will only harm and not have any positive effects. In either case, it is best to consult your doctor before starting any particular diet.

An example of a menu that can be used in case of illness

Weekday Meal times Food to eat
Monday Fasting Rosehip Cook
First breakfast drink water and make vegetable salad
Lunch Fruit juice without preservatives
Lunch Vegetable soup with pre-cooked meat, cabbage patties and rose hip compote or decoction
Snack Dried fruit compote
Dinner Carrot patties, an egg omelette and fruit tea
For the night Kefir
Tuesday Fasting Glass of water
First breakfast Milk tea, cabbage and carrot salad
Lunch Juice without preservatives
Lunch vegetable soup. Lean meat with milk sauce
Snack Dried fruit compote
Dinner Porridge with added milk, cabbage rolls with rice
For the night Kefir
Wednesday Fasting Dried fruit compote
First breakfast Juice, plums, cheesecake with honey
Lunch Fruit juice without preservatives
Lunch Beetroot on kefir and steamed cabbage
Snack Rosehip Cook
Dinner Porridge with milk and jelly made from fruits or berries
For the night Kefir
Thursday Fasting Rosehip Cook
First breakfast Tea and coleslaw
Lunch Kefir
Lunch Soup with vegetable broth, carrot cutlet
Snack grape juice
Dinner Cabbage schnitzel with sour cream and jelly
For the night Fruit or sour milk
Friday Fasting Herbal Cooking
First breakfast Tea, boiled egg, cheesecake
Lunch Trim the compote
Lunch Soup with vegetable broth and vegetable stew
Snack Kefir
Dinner Porridge with milk and jelly
For the night sour milk
Saturday Fasting lemon water
First breakfast Tea and Cheesecake
Lunch Fruit juice without preservatives
Lunch Vegetable soup with potatoes, vegetable cutlets
Snack Kefir
Dinner Omelette, carrots and tea
For the night Kefir
Sunday Fasting Herbal Infusion
First breakfast Compote, cabbage and beet salad
Lunch tomato juice
Lunch Borscht with vegetable broth and meat baked in foil
Snack Kefir
Dinner Porridge with milk and steamed cabbage
For the night sour milk
Apple omelette

Some recipes

Those who have been on a gout diet for a long time are often confronted with a monotonous menu. For this reason, it's best to consider several options at once that are rarely seen:

  • Apple omelette. You will need apples, an egg, milk and butter. Apples are cut into slices and steamed in a pan with butter. After that, milk is poured, previously beaten with an egg. Everything is put in the oven until fully cooked. The omelette is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served.
  • Rice casserole with beets. You will need beets, rice, eggs and milk. Rice is boiled and combined with beets. Eggs are beaten with milk, you can add a little salt. Rice is poured into a liquid mass and baked in the oven.
  • Beef stroganoff from boiled meat. You will need meat, butter, wheat flour, sour cream, milk and tomato juice. The meat is boiled and cut into small pieces. A white sauce is made according to the recipe given below, and the meat is poured with it. Tomato juice is added there. Everything is boiled for 10 minutes and filled with sour cream. You can add a little butter and sprinkle with herbs.

Various sauces are in great demand in nutrition. Among them are the following:

  • Sour cream sauce. For cooking you will need 100 g of sour cream, 12 g of flour, 12 g of butter. The flour is dried in the oven or in a pan. It should be yellow. The milk is boiled and a quarter is added to the flour. After that, such a liquid is poured into boiling milk and filled with butter.
  • milk sauce. You need 100 ml of milk, 10 g of wheat flour. Half of the sour cream is boiled, there is added flour that was previously dried. After that, the sauce is mixed well and brought to a boil. It is better to strain it so that there are no lumps.
  • White sauce. Vegetable broth 100 g, wheat flour 10 g and butter 5 g. The flour is dried in a pan and ground with butter. After that, the broth is carefully poured into it and stirred. You need to cook for 10-15 minutes.
  • berry sauce. Berries 50 g, sugar 15 g, starch, water 100 ml. The berries are grated and sugar is added there. Water with starch is poured and everything is mixed over low heat. Bring to a boil.

People with gout often have their own recipes for cooking. This is very easy if you follow the recommendations for heat treatment and the selection of approved products.

Contraindications for the gout diet

This diet has no particular contraindications. Mostly this is because it is based on standard principles such as healthy eating. The focus is on vegetable and fruit dishes. Complex carbohydrates are consumed as well as a normal amount of milk components. Therefore, everyone can hold on to it and not go hungry.

Apple or cake

What results can you achieve?

If a person suffers from gout, but at the same time adheres to all dietary requirements, then he can easily limit the production of uric acid and remove it from the body in a maximum amount. It is thanks to nutrition that many can cure the disease without the use of medication.

This diet can help you reduce the severity and number of seizures. In addition, it must be noted that calorie restrictions also occur due to physical education classes. This will reduce the weight to the desired level and achieve excellent results.

Gout is a serious disease with a multitude of complications. Compliance with the regime allows you to reduce pain and manifestations for a while. If you want to get rid of the disease, it is better to follow all of the above recommendations and enjoy life without any problems.