the reasons for excess weight

Certainly one of the main problems every woman is on a period of time overweight. This Problem has a variety of opportunities to make decisions. But the most effective in this series is a principle is the prevention of overweight, to find the cause and eradicate, that leads to an unwanted weight in the body.

Eliminate the causes of excess weight

There are overweight?

For starters, you need to know if you the extra pounds. Today is bred to be ideal for almost any size. This size is called the Body-Mass-Index (English name Body Mass Index (BMT) or BMI. This index lets you know the man, depending on his size, what is its body weight: under weight, normal or excess.

Here is an example: we assume that your weight is 80 kg and the body size 1M 80 cm Index is: 80 kg/ 1,85*1,85 = 23,3 - this is an indicator of the optimal ratio of body size/weight. Sure, you will also be of interest for all possible values of the indices:

  • 16, and less than a people of a great lack of mass;
  • 16-18,5 - a relatively small weight;
  • 18,5-25 Have the best balance of size and weight;
  • 25-30 - overweight;
  • 30-35 obesity first degree;
  • 35-40 - obesity of the second degree;
  • 40 and more obesity in the third degree.

By the way, it is worth noting that this index developed in 1869, the Belgian sociologist and statistician, Adolf Quetelet, and, so far, is the most important and most common method for determining the presence or absence of obesity.

If you want to calculate personal index without use of a calculator, the phone, the spirit or pencils with paper, you can plan this time:

If you are after the calculation, you will notice that your weight is in the standard, then we congratulate you, if not, then let us understand what the reasons are.

Physiological causes of obesity

On the first place among the physiological reasons and the wrong metabolism. Scientists have proved that people who tend to be overweight, the body slowly to the nutrients processed in the body along with the food, and in the future converted into energy.

From this it can be concluded that the surpluses are on the human body in the Form of fat reserves. The normal metabolism to recover, you need to identify and fix causes, provoking.

In the second place, the genetics of the people. You will certainly have heard stories about that, if your family is always likely to be overweight, and enrich then sooner or later their ranks. All of the above, if not for one thing - your genes are not responsible for the excess fat is defined on the body, the inheritance that you have, only your character and not more.

The third cause of overweight disease. If all your attempts to reduce weight must are crowned success, contact the appropriate specialist. After he start the investigation you need to with the treatment.

Among the diseases, provocative obesity, endocrine diseases: hypothyroidism and Diabetes mellitus, and many others. Also, we should not forget that even the extra weight leads to the development of many diseases. The first affects the cardiovascular System, musculoskeletal, etc., Many do not perceive to be serious enough to cause weight gain with the help of psychotropic drugs. Very vain. Because of the mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs on body weight has not been sufficiently investigated.Perhaps this is due to the craving for anything sugar in the period of the use of these drugs.

Still a physiological cause set extra pounds are imbalances in the development of the female hormones. Violation of the hormonal system in many cases is an obstacle to the ideal weight. Because their hormones regulate all the functions of the cells and glands. Therefore, you must make sure that your body is worked out in the right amount, but not excessively.

The last in our list but not least important, we have the pregnancy. During pregnancy in the body of every woman in transition: begins the dominance of the cumulative and the construction processes. This metabolism is quite normal for pregnant women, because they programmed nature to give the nutrients for the birth of a new life in the womb, and then during lactation.

Often observed that these kind of metabolism remains and after pregnancy, the result of the accumulation of body fat. You can style through review of the life and the diet.

Psychological causes of obesity

Psychological causes of obesity

Psychological causes, in contrast to the physiological are indirect causes for the appearance of extra pounds.

The first place we have the "jam determined to have" problems. This can be seen when you are bored or you of the whole reason is angry or upset, in the psychological discomfort (i.e. in the head). In such moments, many pounce on something to eat. But in such situations, it is necessary to restrain their impulses, because they do not want to work around the Problem, by the consumption of various Goodies. In such moments, the brain switches to meals, and temporarily numb your senses through the taste of the reflexes. It should always remember and try to avoid such situations.

The second reason a marriage is often. No, we are not recommend in any case to marry, on the contrary. However, married, already after a short time, slim girl turns into disorderly bunny. Many psychologists explain this by the fact that the woman is no longer predator. You have reached your goal and it makes no more sense, the strong half of mankind to conquer your figure.

The third reason, in our opinion, the most important, is the reluctance of the woman to himself.To be overeating more people who don't like themselves very much under-estimate your own importance.

According to the statistics: about 80 % of people who lose weight with the help of diets, within two years, come back to his previous weight or gain even more Kilos. This means that the work should lead to the change of forms of one's own body, from the head - it is not a figurative expression. Between our physical body and our Psyche is a close reciprocal relationship. And, to you treatments psychological causes dialing weight, other methods have to be solved for Hiking in the gym, diet, different Detox, etc. - they all have only short-term effect. For fixing long-term results need to work in two directions immediately. Should psychotherapeutic work, and also to connect to a variety of external methods: on-site Fitness ,switching to the right diet, etc.

For example, women have a low self-esteem, you do not feel that their opinion is important to someone. Of course, it will seek strong, then, that it is weightier and hotter. Without other options, the desired increase at the subconscious level, the choose the easiest way: "can" limits in the physical world. The mean increase in the circumference or fat layer. Our subconscious does not understand the figurative expressions and sees everything in the true sense of the word, but a man looks "bigger" is de-energized.

Therefore suffer from being overweight often timid and shy women and girls, those who defend it difficult to have their own opinions, which were in the habit of "going with the flow". But something similar, we also observe in the animal world. Animals, when threatened, also want to increase in size: uplift pusat springs, ark wool back, the. In addition, excess fat mass is something like a protective armor, in him, the man carries his unprotected "Ego". It is always so, if the identity of the Person was seriously injured. For example, a girl will become victim of rape. Then you can think: "If I be less attractive, with me it never happened" (but this opinion is false: an unattractive girl as a victim of sexual violence, as well as beauty). If the pounds to play a role to protect, then even with reduced weight, such a woman is wearing baggy clothes, not the attention to his Person male attention. It is the fear of being a woman.

What to show your extra pounds

Places greater manifestations of the overlays in fat can also point to a clearly defined psychological problems. For example, the fullness in the waist and abdomen connected with the rejection of her feminine the beginning is often. If a girl has a waist you sharpen (so-called "figure of the male-pattern"), this does not imply that you accept their femininity, made of fear, to be weak and depends on the circumstances or by people, their environment, and to support, without the feeling in them.

The massive lower part of the body (legs, thighs, and buttocks) often in people who care prone to Hyper to your loved ones. This woman, probably, exemplary mother, wife and housewife (or you want it to be). But only on the basis of a "not pants steel in her embrace", to meet the space neither for the free personality, for the adoption of the decisions on your own.

What is the meaning of "love yourself"? Many psychologists today argue that obesity seems to be a lack of love to yourself. But only a few can explain to us how to accept learning themselves, and in which actions the love manifested to himself. Precisely for this mistake is typical for many, that "love yourself" means expensive things, led treatments, luxury Spa buy. It is not so. Love and appreciate your personality and your body - building means in contact with him and the ability to hear, his true needs. We must learn to begin to build relationships of trust and confidence themselves - then the body has the need of protection or compensation for low disappears fat self-esteem with the help of the body.

Compliance with the Standards of beauty

Compliance with the Standards of beauty

In the age of Rubens beauties ladies were in the body, today - thin, similar to not on women, but rather young people. In the case of the depression in the story, it becomes clear that the ideal was always as something that was to difficult.

For example, in the middle ages (the time of Rubens), a greater number of people of heavy physical work, a lot of malnutrition or ate was too busy eating simple, coarse food. Completeness in such a diet and way of life was very difficult. Therefore, delicious rubens shapes can be achieved, succeeded a little - only a limited layer of the rich, the pleasures to indulge without the context to eat.

Today, the Situation has changed: the majority of people working in offices (i.e., moves a little), fill each can eat virtually (but it is not useful, and very high-calorie food). Clean, obesity is a scourge of the present. In our conditions, and not every girl can cane to stay petite.

Finally, I would like to give a piece of advice: practice is aware of. Practically, this can look like this: occurs, when all of a sudden the desire to eat something, then hurry up and hear it for yourself: whether you are hungry or any other cause, prompted them on the table. If you can, keep an active life style, and you can fix for getting all the causes of obesity.