How to lose weight

We all know, an important principle of weight loss: eat less, burn more. But we also know that a large part of the diets, and Express promise plans, in fact, is not as efficient as with the creators. And if you want to know how to lose weight fast, then we have good news: the recommendations of the experts, the following, to make slimming so simple and effective!

To lose weight

1. Make a note of everything you eat for a week, and to be able to lose weight

According to a study by who such "food" diaries, on average, eat 15% of such entries. Pay attention especially on the week-ends: scientists from the University of North Carolina have found that the human being uses about 115 calories in each day, mainly from alcohol and fatty foods.

2. They add to the calories, in your opinion, which you eat daily, 10%

If you are not of the opinion that the caloric content of the daily diet of 1600 calories, and can understand why you don't lose weight, then you add 160 calories. In all probability the final number of the reality is is more. You change your culinary habits properly.

3. Try to find Internet Partner for losing weight

According to other studies, which were carried out in the University of Vermont, this help Online friends really. In the course of the investigation, a group of volunteers was observed within 1.5 years. Those of you that enjoyed-enabled Internet programs, lose weight better than those who attended in person self-help group.

4. Repeat the Mantra - why not?

You have certainly heard something about self-contained prophecies. And if you focus on what you can do, say, give up Junk Food, or every day for a walk in the fresh air - it's not likely that you will continue to do so. Instead, (and without difference, whether you believe in the efficacy of Mantras) better, such sentences say: "I can't lose weight", "I'm walking", "I'm sure () that I have to give up afternoons candy". Repeat this as often as possible, and soon it will happen in reality!

5. You drink only water throughout the day

You drink only water throughout the day

At Breakfast you can drink, such as Apple juice, but the Rest of the day lean exclusively on the water. No juices, and carbonated drinks! Every day, we get about 245 calories, along with various non-alcoholic drinks that still 90 000 calories, or about 11.4 kg for the whole year! However, sweet drinks, in spite of the calories, hardly provide a feeling of satiety.

6. TV on for an hour or less

As an example, here is a study: the observation of a group of students, consisting of 76 persons, showed that the amount of food consumed is equal to the proportional time spent in front of the TV. You bring the victim in just one program (it is likely, that would be what you do not see so much). Better, instead, to walk on the street.

7. You eat 3 bites less

Also a bowl, a glass of fruit juice, proch. This allows it consumes at least 100 calories less every day, which is enough to "short-of-receipt" for 1 kg of weight per year.

8. Thoroughly wash something every week

No matter what it is - the window in the apartment, bathtub, bathroom, or car. A man weighs 70 kg, the burn clean up to 20 calories per 5 minutes. So for an hour of work, you can get rid of 240 calories.

9. Eating, when the stomach begins to rumble

You will not believe how much food we eat out of boredom, nerves, in a bad mood or banal habits! So many, that some do not remember already, and bodily sensations of hunger. And if you are dreaming of a particular dish or product, it is certainly the desire, but not hungry. And to eat, on the contrary, when you are ready, what you want, then, apparently, actually the Hunger experience. You can try other methods pass the time, tame your Stress!

10. If you are hungry, breath mint, bananas and apples can see

It sounds crazy, but really works! Once Alan R. Hirsch, Dr. Med. Sciences of Chicago, and has kg in a study with the participation of 3 000 volunteers, he found that people who sniffed everything, less suffered lost of Hunger and, accordingly, more weight (average of 13.6). According to one of the versions of the man, Sniffing these products, as if cheating on the brain, thinking what you actually eat.

11. You look at the blue color

Another tip on how to lose weight fast at home. Here you will find many Restaurants, in which it is used in the color blue. The reason for this is that this color suppresses the appetite. So let one of the blue bowls, in a blue dress at the table, muted blue tablecloth! Also, they waive the yellow and red items in the kitchen. It is scientifically proven that they increase the appetite.

12. Eat in front of the mirror

It is scientifically proven that if a person eats, a look in the mirror, then eats about 1/3 less. If you look in the eyes, then the reflection of certain inner intentions and purposes. First and foremost, it will remind you of the reason you have decided to get rid of excess weight.

13. You spend 10 minutes per day, to rise/to fall on the steps

According to the experts, this is enough to not eat the discharge of more than 4.5 kg in the year (when you start, of course, more).

14. Take a walk in 5 minutes every couple of hours

You can spend a whole day in a sitting Position? Energetic walk is in 2 hours, you have the Bonus 20 minutes (or even more) to walk to the end of the day. Note also that such breaks will help you to dispense a variety of Snacks.

15. Weight you have to loose, if you are going to 45 minutes a day

Yes, we recommend 45 minutes instead of the traditional 30 based on studies at Duke University (where the researchers have found out that the daily half-hour walk is sufficient to prevent weight gain, but light exposure after this time will not help to lose weight). If you burn 300 calories each with 3 km brisk walk daily (about as much as you can go for 45 minutes), then for a year and lose up to 30 kg, also without any change in the diet.

16. Do not buy ready-made food the first 4 paragraphs of the ingredients it lists sugar, fructose. Can search for the analogues, which have less sugar, but it is better, instead, preferably fruit. You buy Ketchup, sauces, and seasonings without sugar, and hydrogenated products partial. Finally, when purchasing grain products, you prefer the fact that they contain more than 2 G of fiber per 100 calories-the energy value.

Please note! If the small list of ingredients, so in the product as few additives and "empty calories". You think of it!

17. After each portion you set aside to move the spoon

Often потягивайте of water to dilute meals interesting stories about what happened on the day. In relation to the signals of satiety of the stomach before the brain somewhere in 20 minutes. So, if we eat gets slow, the brain "" us and reported that the food need.

18. Give/dispose of all the "fat" clothes

As soon as the first results, to get rid of clothing that no longer fits. The thought to buy that it is necessary to have a new wardrobe in the event of the return of the pounds, will serve as additional Motivation to stay in shape.

19. Close the kitchen for the night

You have to wash after dinner, the dishes, get out the delete in the kitchen, and light. Food increases in the late evening significantly used calories, and if you refrain from snacking in the night, then get rid of 300 calories per day (about 14 kg per year).

20. Go before dinner for a walk to reduce appetite

In an interesting study at the University of Glasgow, took 10 women suffer from obesity. It is not proved that twenty minutes of walking reduces appetite, but also gives a feeling of satiety (such as Snacks).

21. You make a "publication" in this week

Instead of cinema, you better visit the Park. So sit less, and to reduce the number of calories consumed (just not a bucket of Popcorn). Among other active pursuits:

  • Tennis;
  • Walk;
  • the trip to the nature;
  • Bowling;
  • Cycling, etc.

22. You can buy a pedometer and try to add 1000 steps per day

In the current market there are many similar devices (if you are an iPhone owner, you can install the App Steps). The average Person who leads a sedentary life, on a daily basis makes 2000-3000 steps. If you increase this number, let's say, 2000, you can prevent your current weight and its increase. And in order to lose weight, you can add even more.

23. Pour on less food

As you know, the less food on the table, the less you eat. And, on the contrary, the more, the more you eat, and regardless of the degree of hunger. In addition, you try a small plate of salad.

24. You eat 90% of food at home

The probability of eating more than usual increase if the lunch is not home.

25. Try it with a plate and with a plurality of

It will also help you to lose weight. Such a method is purely psychological: your plate is empty - this means that they had already eaten.

26. You don't try, there are in large companies

The person eats more in a society with other people, maybe because at the table more time. If you are alone or with the family, eat a lot less.

27. You can order a bit of everything

Try to order small portions. In the course of the research, it turned out that we, as a rule, there is food in front of us, in spite of the fact that already fed up.

28. You eat foods with a high water content

It will also help reduce the calories. The use of these products with a high water content, like zucchini, tomatoes or cucumbers, reduced during the meals, the overall calorie content. Other watery products are prepared in salads and other dishes. If you drink only water, then the same result will not be achieved. The fact that the body processes Hunger and thirst, and by the individual mechanisms, i.e. the saturation of the liquid it is certainly not up to snuff.

29. Add vegetables in dishes

For example, you can seasoned food salad with noodles, only noodles, Mayonnaise, twice as high as for the same amount of calories. If you eat vegetables with grains at a ratio of 1:1, then try these vegetables contain a lot of fiber - you can so quickly calm down Hunger, rather than eating too much grain products.

Please note! Also ballast substances are very useful for the prevention of constipation, that is another great advantage.

Add vegetables in dishes

30. They dispense white products

The high content of simple carbohydrates in foods such as flour or sugar could be the cause for the weight gain. You waive, white rice, sugar and flour, instead, lean on brown rice and whole grain bread. An Experiment, carried out at Harvard 74 000 women, confirmed that those who ate overweight more than 2 servings of whole grain products daily, 49% less risk.

31. You have to drive on normal coffee

In unusual drinks based on coffee hundreds of calories, mostly from sugar, milk, cream, and sweet syrup. In this regular coffee, boiled with the addition of skimmed milk, very low in calories. Skimmed milk powder - it is also low in calories, but it contains a lot of calcium. In addition, there is no water, so it is not diluted coffee (which is not on the normal milk).

32. Fat prefer skimmed milk products with an increased concentration of calcium

This chemical Element hormonal response it provokes, the preparation of adipose tissue expresses and enhances the breakdown of fat.

33. You eat high-calorie foods as an additional, but not the basic delicacy

It is quite simple: let the spoon ice cream, for example, is the valuable decoration Vase with fruit.

34. Start the morning with cereals (at least 5 times per week)

People, breakfast daily mash, less prone to obesity and Diabetes. You consume more calcium and fiber, but less fat, if you with people, употребляющими other products for Breakfast. Oatmeal lose weight in the morning in this case, a good way to the right place!

35. Try hot sauces

You give a lot of taste, if one may say so, but low in calories and fat. In addition, they lead to "digestive fire", irresistible body will burn momentarily more calories.

36. Drink Fruit Juices, Eat Fruit

In relation to the calories Box of Apple juice is synonymous with Apple, orange and a slice of watermelon. All of this allows for it to feel longer satiety than Apple juice, and therefore, they have less.

37. You waive "your" milk, calories to reduce by 20%

If you often drink milk, then proceed at 2 per cent. And if you drink it, you can go to a 1% or even skim. The back is typical, each of these steps reduces the calorie content by 20%. Until that day, when the tastebuds are trained to delight in fat get skimmed milk, you can greatly reduce the calories in the body!

If you agree with all these tips, you can lose weight quickly. That's all, good luck in your difficult work! Maybe you are statistics function, the advice of experienced psychologists and for all who want to lose weight.