Lose weight full body exercise

What to do if you need to lose weight but cannot attend a fitness club? A good result can be achieved at home. It is necessary to do whole body fat burning exercises daily and follow a moderate diet for weight loss.

Effective Weight Loss Exercises

Slimming exercises

To lose weight, you need to change a sedentary lifestyle, which slows down your metabolism to the most active. The morning should start with exercises and allow half an hour in the evening for home training. Use every opportunity for physical activity during the day.

For fat burning, it is useful to replace the elevator ride with climbing stairs and take a short walk before going to bed.

Exercises for the entire muscle corset create a body tone. For aesthetic weight loss and good health, it is important to follow simple guidelines:

  • Remove baked goods and bread made from the highest quality flour from the diet.
  • Steam or boil food.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.
  • Do not eat at night, last meal no later than 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Drink clean water.

Exercise for the whole body - losing weight and staying fit is a must. When creating a home exercise program, it is important to consider the specific investigation of problem areas and health status. Experienced fitness trainers recommend effective exercises to gain weight and lose weight.


"Forward Bend" is one of the most effective movements for strengthening and losing weight of the back. To exercise the muscles that stretch the spine, you need to step onto the "bridge" regularly.

The thinning and thinning of the shoulder blade improves blood flow to the trapezoid and rhomboid muscles and reduces the fat layer in the neck and collar area. Exercise "plank with barbell pull" vigorously burns fat due to the work of the widest back muscles, and the "boat" perfectly copes with cellulite in the lower back.


The bench press works with both types of fiber and allows you to lose weight without losing muscle mass. "Push-ups from the wall" exercise Women can perform large numbers of repetitions, providing the intensity necessary for burning fat.

By systematically performing the "dry chest" exercise, the muscles stay in good shape, and the static load when "pressing the palms" increases the elasticity of the chest.

It's important to remember: Diet is a key factor in weight loss for a woman's breasts, and physical activity helps keep them in beautiful shape.


Various variations of the squat exercise are used to reduce the weight of the legs as well as to train the muscles of the entire body. Side lunges work great on the outside of your legs.

If you shear or squeeze the ball with your knees, the adductors intensely burn fat on the inner thigh. Regular movement "Bike" creates a slender knee area and gently works the joints. Standing or sitting calf raises will reduce swelling and give relief to your shins.


Stepping into a stable chair with your knee raised is an effective weight loss exercise.

"Short lunges" put pressure on the hips and give them relief.

If extra attention is required to the inner surface, plie squats should be added to the exercises. To burn fat on the outside of the thigh, you need to practice standing leg swings.


Deadlifts for Weight Loss

Deadlifts have a positive effect on the muscles of the entire body and increase the tone of the gluteal muscles. For intense buttock weight loss, it is necessary to have "legs back" and wide lunges.

Hyperextension is a good alternative to the deadlift and doesn't put any strain on the knees or quads. The "gluteal bridge" effectively builds muscle volume and also reduces fat in the lower back and buttocks. Exercise "walking on the buttocks" strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and trains the hamstrings.


"Reverse pushups" on the base of a chair or the edge of a sofa are great for loading the triceps area and removing fat from the armpits. The various arm curls tighten and strengthen the front shoulder muscle group.

Scissors and crescent rotations evenly burn fat from the surface of your hands. The "Dumbbell Press Up" involves the triceps, trapezoid and deltoid muscles in the work and creates a beautiful shape for the shoulder girdle.


Regular crunches are great for the upper abdominal muscles, while the reverse crunches exercise reduces body fat and strengthens the muscles of the lower abdomen.

Side and oblique crunches emphasize the waist, while the "Side Bends" exercise removes fat deposits on the sides. "Circular rotations of the legs" have a complex effect on the muscles of the press. To tighten the bulging belly, you need to systematically perform the "vacuum" exercise.


For a slim and attractive waist, do Lateral Torso or Mill, which forces the oblique abdominal muscles to contract intensely.

Exercise "turning the legs while lying on the floor" actively burns fat in the problem area and strengthens the abdominal muscles. "Side Bridge" and "Lifting the Legs While Lying Down" tighten the lateral muscles perfectly and reduce the waist.


For a noticeable weight loss of the neck, exercises should be performed in a complex way, as for the muscles of the entire body. The "movable bridge against the wall" should be supplemented by tilting and throwing the head back.

Hand resistance is used to increase muscle tone.

The exercises "turn your head" and "write with your nose" effectively burn fat reserves. It is necessary to do exercises for weight loss of the neck slowly and for a large number of repetitions.


Writing words in the air with a pencil between your teeth increases the weakened tone of the facial muscles. When you patting the double chin with the back of your hand, the muscles of the face are forced to take part in burning fat.

By repeating all vowels, raising and lowering the corners of the lips, the lip area is perfectly adapted. The exercises "Have some water in your mouth" and "Childhood" are effective in tightening your cheeks. To exercise the eyelids, place your fingers on the corners of your eyes, pull your skin to one side, and at the same time clap your eyes.

A series of exercises for training

For even weight loss, it is better to work the muscles of your entire body than to focus on individual exercises. In order to get noticeable results, you need to learn the correct technique and follow the exercise system. Fat burning workouts should be done daily. The lesson should start with a warm up, and a cool down is required after the main part.

Warm up

Weight loss training

Wait 10 minutes to prepare for your workout. A dynamic warm up increases the heart rate and gives the muscles elasticity, while warming up the joints improves blood flow to the ligaments and tendons. Running in place with your knees raised will increase blood flow to your muscles and increase your body temperature. It is necessary to start the warm up at a calm pace without much freedom of movement.

The warm-up should include:

  • inclinations and circular movements of the head;
  • rotation of the shoulder and elbow joints;
  • raise your arms and spread them to the side;
  • body rotation;
  • twisting and various torso bends;
  • rotation and swaying of the hip;
  • leg curls and foot rotations.


To do the exercise correctly, put your feet shoulder-width apart and place them on the same level as your knees. Keeping your back straight, with a curve in your lower back, lower your arms along your body. Bring your shoulder blades together, pull your pelvis back, and sit while you inhale. Bend your hips parallel to the floor and transfer your body weight to your heels. Get up and exhale at the top of the lift.

When doing squats, you need to control the main points:

  • In the lower position, do not stretch your knees forward beyond your feet.
  • You can't stand on tiptoe.
  • It is forbidden to round the upper and lower back.
  • Do not hold your knees together when lifting.


At the beginning of the exercise, place your feet hip-width apart, then step forward and sit down quietly. Transfer the load to the front leg, reach out the other and rest on the toe. The back is straight, with a natural curve in the lower back, the palms of the hands are on the belt.

The knee joint of the working leg is bent at an angle of 90 ° and is under increased stress. It is therefore important that the knee does not protrude beyond the tip of the foot. Exhale, go up, and place your working leg next to the support leg.

Glute Bridge

The correct technique for performing the exercise does not involve any special aspects. Lie on your back, pull your legs towards your body and bend at your knees. Place your heels on the floor shoulder-width apart, pull in your stomach, and squeeze your buttocks together.

Breathe out slowly and lift your pelvis off the floor so that your body is stretched in a line and your back is slightly arched. Hold the top position for a few seconds and carefully place the pelvis back on the floor as you exhale.


Exercise bridge for weight loss

To perform the exercise, lie down with your back on the floor and bend your arms and legs. Put your feet and palms shoulder-width apart and press them firmly to the floor. Gently tear your buttocks off the floor and arch your back in an arch, lifting your pelvis. Keep your head in a natural position, do not hold your breath. Slowly lower the body after the break.

The following must be observed when executing the "Bridge":

  • You cannot do an exercise without first warming up.
  • The buttocks should be raised above the head and shoulders.
  • Arms and legs should be stretched as far as possible.
  • Don't just do the exercise by stretching your arms and legs.


Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and keep yourself straight. At the same time, tear your arms, chest and lower legs off the floor, exhale. Pull your lower back tight and flex your lower back as much as you can while keeping your hips off the floor surface.

Hold this pose for 5 seconds and slowly descend as you inhale. For those whose muscles are not ready for the load, alternate lifting of opposite arms and legs is recommended.

Overhanging the floor

The overhang, known as the "plank", has no additional movement, so it is necessary to pay close attention to the nuances. Place your elbows on your stomach and place them at shoulder level so that there is no excessive tension in your joints. Grasp the brushes with straight legs in the lock. With tight feet, it is more difficult to hold the bar.

Before stepping onto the plank, you need to tone your stomach, tone your abs and slightly round your back.

In the correct position, the flat body hangs above the floor and is supported by hands and toes. Keep your lower back tense to avoid sagging your stomach. The head is in a position where the chin is perpendicular to the spine. While holding the bar, breathing is steady and without delay.


Pushups for weight loss

The starting position for push-ups is an emphasis on straight arms with an attitude shoulder-width apart. The distance between the feet does not affect the performance of the push-ups. Keep your body straight and strain your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Bend your arms, take a deep breath, and touch the floor with your chest. Breathe out gently throughout the ascent of the body.

The following are important when performing the exercise:

  • Observe the position of the palms at the level of the center of the chest.
  • Avoid the lower back arch.
  • Avoid too much elbow extension and sagging hips.


To avoid various injuries, ankle and knee joints should be warmed up before jumping. In the starting position, put your feet together and lower your arms along your body.

Lower your shoulders, tone your abs, keep your back straight and a little tense. With the explosive effort of the muscles of the thigh and lower leg, push the body up and straighten the feet. Land on your toes and slightly jump on your knees.

Leg raises

To perform the exercise, lie on your back with your lower back firmly pressed and your hands over your body. With the exertion of your abdominal muscles, lift your hips off the floor and, as you exhale, lift them to an angle of 60 °. Hold your legs up for 2 seconds and lower them as you inhale without touching the floor with your heels.

In order not to reduce the load, you must not take your head off the floor.

Beginners and women with weak abs should start with alternating leg raises.

Leg rotation

Sit on the floor and place your straight arms on the floor behind your torso. Extend your legs at a 45 degree angle so that your body resembles the letter "V". As you exhale, twisting your pelvis, lower your legs closer to the floor in a circular motion.

Continue the rotation, turning the pelvis on the other side and bringing the legs back to the starting position. The exercise should be done alternately in each direction.


Before you start cycling, you must sit on your back with your lower back pressed. Bend your hips to a 90 degree angle and keep your shins parallel to the floor.

Lift your shoulders and cross your fingers behind your head. As you exhale, pull your knee toward the opposite elbow as you straighten the other leg. The press must be subjected to additional load in the case of rotary movements.


Important:The exercise is only performed on a hard surface. Lie on your back, bend your hips and straighten your arms along your upper body. Put your palms under your buttocks, put your feet on the floor.

Inhale, lift your shin and straighten your socks. Using the strength of the abdominal muscles, keep the legs at an angle of 30 ° -90 ° above the floor. First, spread your legs to one side, then bring them together and cross them.


Lie on your back, lock your fingers behind your head, and spread your elbows to one side. Beginners are allowed to cross their arms over their chests. Bend your hips and place your shins on a piece of furniture. Exhale, twist your body and pull your shoulders towards the pelvis.

Do fat burning exercises daily and follow a moderate diet for weight loss.

In the final position, the back is rounded and the abdominal muscles are strongly contracted. You cannot bring your elbows and strain your neck and press your chin against your chest. As you inhale, bring your body back to a horizontal position.

cool down

What exercises should be done to lose weight

After training, it is necessary to normalize the pulse, lower the heartbeat and release the tension in the nervous system. A correctly designed tow bar helps to recover quickly from stress and to return the contracted muscles to their original state. Stretching increases the elasticity of ligaments and muscles, improves blood flow to the body, and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

For effective cooling, you should perform simple movements and exercises:

  • dizziness;
  • Press your elbow to your shoulder.
  • Pull your elbow behind your back.
  • Semi-recumbent or supported slopes;
  • Reduction of the hands behind the back;
  • stretch marks in the door;
  • "Crescent" and "Cobra" exercises;
  • Pull your leg back.

"Training program"


Strength training should be done at the beginning of the week to strengthen the muscles, since the body is well restored after the weekend. Before exercising, you need to spend 15 minutes. Active warm-up of the entire body to prepare muscles and ligaments for the upcoming load. Do all exercises for 15 repetitions in 3 sets.

The main training includes exercises for all muscle groups:

  • "Deep squats";
  • "Wide lunges" - The specified number of repetitions are performed with each leg.
  • "plank with rows of dumbbells" - you need to do 15 repetitions with each hand;
  • push-ups;
  • "push up dumbbells";
  • "dumbbell curl";
  • "Twists";
  • leg raises.

The jump rope is well suited for aerobic exercises. You need to run it three times for 60 seconds. As a problem - 10 minutes. Stretching of all muscles.


Circuit day, 15 repetitions of all exercises in succession. During the workout, you need to do 3 circles. To prepare your heart for the stress ahead, you need to include local running with your warm up.

Exercises of the main complex:

  • Plie Squats;
  • push-ups;
  • Glute Bridge;
  • Superman;
  • "scissors";
  • Jump in place - 30 times.

Breathing exercises should be added to cool down to bring the heart rate back to normal.


A day full of strength and aerobics. The main training consists of 3 sets of exercises, each of which should be performed for 20 repetitions. Taking into account the activity of the upcoming training, the warm-up should include rotating movements, warming up the joints and ligaments.

The session consists of exercises:

  • squats with arms raised in front of you;
  • "legs backwards" - do 20 repetitions with each leg;
  • "reverse push-ups";
  • "Hyperextensions";
  • "bicycle".

cool down - 5 minutes. Stretch your legs and back and go for fat burning for 30-45 minutes.


wide lunges for weight loss

Training should be carried out that focuses on problem areas. A short warm-up consists of rotational movements of the legs and arms. To increase the fat-burning effect, do all exercises for 20 repetitions in a circle with a break between 30-second sets.

Create two circles for a lesson, including:

  • "Wide lunges" - do 20 repetitions with each leg;
  • push-ups on the wall;
  • Glute Bridge;
  • "stretch your arms out" with a light dumbbell;
  • Superman;
  • swing your leg aside;
  • "Twists";
  • skipping rope - 30 sec.

During the attachment, it is good to stretch the muscles of the arms and legs and do breathing exercises.


During training, you should determine the maximum number of muscles. To do this, do 2 sets of all exercises. To improve the effectiveness of the class, the warm up should include swings, rotations with arms and legs, and twists and turns of the body.

Perform 15 repetitions of the following exercises for each set:

  • "Short lunges" - do 15 repetitions with each leg;
  • Legs Backward - Do 15 reps with each leg;
  • "bridge";
  • push-ups;
  • Overhanging floor - 60 sec.
  • "Press your palms in front of your chest";
  • "Twists";
  • Leg Rotations - Perform 15 repetitions in each direction.

Cool off with 50 jumps and a full body stretch.


Add exercises to the workout to identify problem areas. In the first part of the lesson, alternate exercises on the legs - 2 sets of 15 repetitions - and then train the upper body in the same way. Exercises for the press are carried out separately.

Include running in place with raising your knees during warm up and main workouts:

  • squats;
  • legs backwards;
  • Lateral lunges;
  • Glute Bridge;
  • Do 50 jumps before working up.
  • "bench press with dumbbells";
  • Superman;
  • push-ups;
  • Overhanging floor - 60 sec.

To increase fat burning, do a jump rope twice for 60 seconds. Begin cooling down with breathing exercises and straighten your legs.


Weight loss twisting exercise

On the day of muscle regeneration and active aerobic training, you must run for 60 minutes.

To trigger hormonal processes, two sets of abs should be performed before cardio:

  • "Twists" - the maximum number of times.
  • "Bicycle" - 20 repetitions with each leg.
  • Lateral incline - a total of 50 repetitions.

For aesthetic weight loss and maintenance of tone, daily exercises for the muscles of the entire body, as well as strict adherence to diet and aerobic exercise, are required. Proper technique must be learned and followed to avoid injury and improve home exercise effectiveness.