Dukan Diet

Pierre Ducane holds up a plate with Protein products

The author of the methodology provides us with the 4 stages of the diet, at any stage, — a certain group of products.

1. Phase of the Dukan diet. Attack.

The essence of this Phase is a rapid weight reduction. On your for (5-7 days) the man just the Protein products of eating, with the addition of bran (1 to 1.5 tablespoons). Seafood, lean meat, poultry without skin, and milk products, low fat foods, eggs.

2. Phase of the Dukan diet.Striping (cruise) At this stage in the Protein diet Can be added. In General, the diet of patients 1.5 to 2.5 kg to lose for 1 week. To reach the ideal weight.

3. Phase of the Dukan diet. The fixing of the result. (Consolidation). This Phase aims at the attachment of the result. In this time, in the diet of fresh fruits, genuine whole grain bread and cheese are added. Also, a couple of days in the week, you can Food starch-carbohydrate-containing, high-carbon. Foods such as pasta, porridge, potatoes. This Phase lasts from the calculation of the following parameters: 5 days for each 0.5 kg of weight that you have lost.

4. Phase of the Dukan diet. The last Phase of the diet, whose main goal is permanent weight control. You can once again to your usual diet, but you need some rules:

  • In your lesson plan present any physical exertion must be (walking, for example).
  • Should be retained in a Protein day.
  • In eat not less than 1. v. L bran.

In its structure the food belongs to the category of low-carb, or High Protein as you want and call them. However, additions of low and high caused a variety of issues, and to better hold to the Golden mean and measure of everything.

Yes, really Dukan diet is an effective method to combat obesity, but due to the infamous reduction of the total calories from your diet and horse-drawn carriage dose of Protein. We analyze the entire process in Detail.

Protein products and centimeter-Band

How does the Dukan diet?

With the same total calorie intake diet with a high protein content fast weight lose to as a high carbohydrate. Not muscular tissues of the body suffer, because the Person to lose weight may support muscle mass The body virtually unchanged, because of the intake of protein with high biological value. If you eat protein foods in the processes of catabolism come edible proteins-rich, without that muscle mass.

Hyper proteinemia diet allows you to store energy needed for life in the fast loss of body weight. The Dukan diet is the fastest and the most aggressive method of weight loss. It is designed for overweight people 4 degrees. Hyper proteinemia diet is recommended only under medical supervision and for a period of 5-7 days.

Dukan diet virtually eliminates completely the use of carbohydrates. You can just meat, cheese, eggs, fish, poultry. Sour Cream, Butter, and bread — in very limited quantities, literally crumbs. 600-800 calories per day means the consumption of 150-200 grams of Proteins.

On Hyper-proteinemia diets, administration of multi-vitamins is NECESSARY, such as medical control, so as long as your application can be the operating of the kidneys. In addition, if Protein diet consumes a lot of calcium, which is bad for The condition of the bone to use and the teeth. The noticeable lack of plant fibers, can have serious problems with the peristalsis of the intestine, therefore, slight laxative is recommended. From prepare also to the fact that in the case of protein diets The mouth smells as if you drank a bottle with nail Polish remover, nail Polish acetone based, since processes can run ketosis and ketones, which can help you burn fat tissue to form.


  • Pregnancy or lactation;
  • Children, youth, or old age;
  • Liver and/or kidney failure;
  • Heart attack, insufficiency of cerebral blood circulation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • severe mental diseases in connection with diet;
  • Diabetes insulin-dependent Diabetes;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Alcoholism.

How much Protein it needs in a day?

RDA (the national nutrition recommendations in the United States for the maintenance of health), type a number from 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This number is for people who don't exercise and not diet, this is an average human. Recent Research it is said that a squirrel need 1-1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. But officially, not yet.

For people, the although a single paragraph in the scientific world do not grow up with sports, standards of Protein. So, the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM for dealing with Sport 1.3 advises-1.8 grams of protein per day per kg of body weight and 2 grams Extreme is called the threshold above which the Protein is already no the benefits of the use for the body.

Side effects of Dukan diet

  1. Salad

    Weight loss is mainly due to the discharge of the water. The diet consists of only Protein foods in the body in a starvation mode enabled, as most of the a cells of the body, including the brain, in General, derive their energy of other substances, such as glucose (blood sugar) come to us with carbohydrates. If you are missing your diet in carbohydrates, the body is forced reservations of the glucose from muscles and liver (glycogen), leading to a decline in muscle mass Mass, so the first few days, the quick weight reduction. Because of the carbohydrate cells to starve to death, begins to reduce the body fat with the formation of large quantities of ketone bodies – ketosis. Through it happens the dramatic weight loss in the first phases of the Dukan diet. Unfortunately ketosis not only burns fat, but also leads to the emergence of health problems and in some cases, quite serious. Often ketosis accompanied by headaches, Irritability and excessive burden on the kidneys, ketosis can lead to heart failure arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), and sometimes to heart. But that's not all, in the case of prolonged stay of the organism in the state of ketosis, increased the risk of heart attack and risk for stroke. And even if the first Phase of the Dukan diet, we have successfully completed, then in the second Phase, "cruise" is alternating Protein days with Protein days away, so that the Stress for the body to continue in full.

  2. Osteoporosis Bone

    The rejection of fat or their consumption is essential less, than it is necessary to have a healthy body – this is a therapeutic diet, has people with certain diseases, and not only want to To lose weight. And if for men it can happen less without consequences, a woman who is involved in the body fat tissue in the hormonal replacement, it is very hard to bear such a diet. The consequences can be devastating hormonal dysfunction is the inability to become pregnant, and menstrual disorders, to amenorei. Also, fats are membranes necessary for the formation of cell, and if they are missing, this leads to a General deterioration of of the body. First and foremost, the suffering of the gastro-intestinal tract and the skin. If the proportion of fat in the food is less than 10% of the total calories, the body reduces the production of growth hormone, thyroid hormones (thyroxine, triiodothyronine, T3, T4), sex hormones, certain hormones called adrenal glands – the hormones, which alienates our aging. A full fat, or a deficit in the amount of 10%, the loss of health and premature threatens Aging.

    • It is believed that high-protein diet causes osteoporosis — bone loss. Amino acids-Protein is acid, as the title suggests. To rinse the "sour" of the body and makes it more Calcium from the bone to use to neutralize Acid. So, before you sit down to such a diet, you have to trust in the solvency of their health.
    • The kidneys Filter of the body. Overall, they filter up to 180 liters of blood every day. Studies have shown that high-protein food forces the kidneys to filter more blood per Minute. Therefore, revealed that Protein makes They work at high speed and cause kidney failure. D. h. the kidney is an Organ of the "target" for the Dukan diet, and prior to the commencement of such performance, we need to examine your urine-excretory system.
  3. The Gastro-Intestinal Tract

    Protein putrefaction caused in your gastrointestinal tract. We eat a piece of meat. He digested in the stomach and gastric juice is processed into mash (Hummus). Further, he enters the small intestine, here, the majority of eating Protein disintegrates under the action of enzymes into individual amino acids like any other Protein. Through the intestinal wall to be absorbed into the blood stream and go for the construction of the organism of fibers. The Remaining Food lumps with nezapravlenny protein ( approximately 2-3% up to 5-10% of eating) goes into the large intestine and micro flora lives, the power for the people many useful things. For growth and multiplication of the amino acids it needs. Microorganisms although, you'll be in people, but are the individual passengers. Thus, for the processing of protein, you have their own enzymes, which is quite similar to the enzymes of the digestive tract of the people. These enzymes, protein processing, and in Process a variety of toxic and non-toxic its decay products. This processing of protein by bacteria is known as "putrefaction of protein", although it is possible to call and anaerobic Fermentation. In any case, it is not a piece of undigested meat is located in the intestine and rots. The human body, this toxic compound can defuse. With the blood stream from the intestine go to the liver. With the help of various chemical processes, they are not toxic and are excreted in the urine. – this happens when in the body of the people, the NORMAL amount of Protein falls. In the case of a substantial exceeding of the human body and its micro-organisms simply can not cope with the timely pishevarenie, the number of write radicals were"" increases in direct proportion to the time of the frontal follow-up of such a diet. Toxic products accumulate in the body, which develops Protein-intoxication. Your belly begins to swell, increasing in size, purr, scare passers-by, constipation occur. It is what you want to experience a diet? In China, it convicted even had a very terrible kind of death penalty: people to death, fed only cooked meat, Month, he died in terrible agony. In the absence of ballast substances, to quit meat to digest to the end and caught, sentenced to rot right in, it was auto-intoxication decay products of meat, causing the man died. I hope this will make you think about the benefits of the use of the intensive consumption of Protein.

  4. Many say that is the most important cause for the accumulation of adipose tissue, an excessive intake of carbohydrates. Although it is not quite so, and the man saves the fat due to the high number of calories. Experts say that even increased the amount of protein in the body leads to an accumulation of fat. But the look in any case.

  5. extra fat

    After each Low-Carb diet the weight back. First of all, it is mainly water. But, as he is "thepresence of", you can hardly stop and limit the intake, so long under the ban, a simple Power source (quick-soluble carbohydrates). She is not long without carbs in the situation, exactly, it is simply immoral. And any hard restrictive measure leads to failure. To avoid the effect of over-compensation, of this diet You come very gently, by fat per week for 10 to 15 G of carbohydrates in reception, by gradually. I.e., not think, that after release on the Dukan diet, you on the whole life of excess fat. Now remains the most difficult to keep Weight. And then make a rational, well-balanced diet, your life style, comes to the aid. Only in this way, with the help of experts, you should re-elongate to the proper nutrition, sensible, and life, then everything you lost is prohibitive, efforts, and risks to health, not to return to their seats.

After each Low-Carb diet the weight back. First of all, it is mainly water. But always to the "thepresence of", you can barely stop and limit the intake, so long under the ban, a simple energy source (Instant oatmeal Carbohydrates). She is not long without carbs in the situation, exactly, it is simply immoral. And any hard restrictive measure leads to failure. The effect, to avoid overcompensation, the from this diet you have to very gently, by a week after 10-15 G of carbohydrates in reception, by gradually fat. I.e., not think, that after he fat on the Dukan diet, you have a lifetime to get rid of extra. Now remains the most difficult – to keep the weight off. And then a rational, balanced, comes to the aid of Diet to your life style. Only in this way, with the help of experts, you should re-elongate to the proper nutrition, sensible, and life, then everything you lost is prohibitive, efforts, and risks to health again to their seats.

I would. not followers of the diet on your rationality, to say, first and foremost, as with any other diet, the main drawback – it is their imbalance in the nutrients, you can do this diet, almost all of the doctors read the reviews about the Dukan There are too many proteins has damage in carbohydrates and fats that our body needs. Here is what is the huge disadvantage. In particular, if a Person decides to get this diet plan as a basis, and the author recommends Dukan-diet – life-long. What do you think — take the necessary nutrients for a whole life – it makes sense for health, for all of the continuous chemical reactions that take place in our body?!