Exercises to remove belly and flanks...

Exercises to remove belly and flanks

The extra inches around the waist provide the bulk of the inconvenience for people with obesity, cause complexes and self-doubt. To lose in the pursuit of the perfect body weight ready to do a lot of things: a strenuous diet, grueling workouts in the gym, or taking drugs — of course a lot of things. Today we will talk about the complex exercises to remove belly and flanks. If you really effective? What results do you expect? Let us detail in this article.

Effective exercises to remove belly and flanks

Exercise is very useful for the body because:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improves the cardiovascular system;
  • increased strength, stamina,;
  • reduces the likelihood of the occurrence of Depression and apathy during the lesson, the production of the "happiness hormone" — Serotonin is activated;
  • reinforces the cells with oxygen supply;to stimulate your brain,
  • the ability to concentrate, ability to work, the tendency for education to improve;
  • insomnia, decrease sleep better, deeper;
  • slows down the aging process of cells and tissues;
  • normalize the metabolism, strengthen the muscles, improve the posture.

The main thing — an individual training programme that meets the skills, the health condition. People with a sufficiently large excess weight, for example, many types of Fitness lovers are contraindicated, because the causation of injury to the king's meadow or at the hip, increased blood pressure, and much more. In this case, as the Training is ideal, easy walk. It has been scientifically proven to disorders that feet within 30-40 minutes daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves health, increases the General tone of the body.

Causes of excess fat

Fat in the abdominal area and to the side can be due to various reasons:

Problems with health. The extra inches around the waist can Is the presence of various diseases, as well as visceral fat how? Deposits around internal organs, impeding the normal functioning of the systems.Wrong way of life, sedentary work, an abundance of fatty foods, fast Food, lack of sleep — all of this can be a cause of the emergence of excess fat. It's like?Psychological factors: the inability to come up with different circumstances of life, the habit of "seizing" Stress there are for the company or out of boredom.

Obesity occurs for one or more reasons at the same time, so in an effective fight against excess pounds, requires an integrated approach: working with a psychologist on the formation of a correct nutrition habits, exercise, and proper nutrition.

What to start Training?

Training should be regular, succeed at least three times per week, only visible results. Each activity is divided into two parts: Cardio and Power.

Cardio exercises help the body to cheer up, is also preparing for the upcoming load it:

  • to speed up the metabolism;
  • reduce cortisol levels is the so-called "stress hormone", whose abundance often leads to overeating and disturbances, disruption of sleep;
  • Improving the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increasing the stamina;
  • to burn active calories, if you with the second performance part of the lesson.

Cardio Training intense exercises, in quick succession, so that the body can get used to no time. You can alternately jump and run with a high lift thighs, squats and lunges. Optimally, this part lasted for at least 20 minutes and the weight reduction is useful to classify complete Cardio workout would be 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. The active hike at a brisk pace is an excellent choice.

A series of exercises for burning fat

Currently active in the Fitness world called interval Training on different systems. They are the most recognized experts on effective: a kind of stress replaced by another, so the body can get used to no time, works constantly on the border, actively burning calories. Such Training strengthens the muscles, the circulatory and respiratory system, improves metabolism, accelerates the protein synthesis.

These Trainings consist of three main groups of exercises:

Aerobic: running, Cycling, fast walking, jump rope, jumping, dancing. You can increase the pulse rate, sweating increase, help the body warm up, the preparations for the next part.Power: torsion, plate bending, leg lifting. They are for strengthening the muscles.Exercise or stretch — the last stage of the exercise, which helps to relax, and breathing and heartbeat.

Women for weight loss Yoga, asana (movement, motion), you can come in seamlessly follow each other, contribute to the calming, reduction of Stress, but good enough for the major muscle groups. Can you perform at home, and the carpet replace ordinary towel.

Running or walking

Running or walking — whatever you choose for weight loss? Most people will probably say that the first Option is certainly the leader. A walk for many of the usual leisure activities that do not contribute seems to the fat reduction. Whether this is so? We consider the main differences are:

Walking strengthens the calf muscles, running, chest, back, shoulder girdle, hips, and buttocks.While Jogging, the man is the "Phase of flight", which causes a greater shock load to the joints enough strain on the spine, learns. In this Phase, don't go.A walk is safe, you can not say about the race, in the joints, significantly the likelihood of injuries and various diseases due to the increased load on the heart, respiratory system, spine, increases.

Run and go a different impact on each Person. To choose if no health problems, Jogging to bring moral and physical pleasure, is better for weight loss you. If it causes problems with the circulatory System, the spine, the joints or each output Jogging this moral discomfort, this is the best Option. In such a case it is advisable to not less than one hour, compliance with the fairly fast pace, daily requirement is about 8000-10000 thousand steps or 5-7 kilometers — this is the recipe of longevity, a good remedy for many diseases.

Exercise Strap

The exercise "plank" Fitness trainers deservedly considered a classic, because it uses almost all major muscle groups:

  • Press: - the straight, oblique abdominal muscles;
  • Spin: the strengthening of the loin, posture correction;
  • large pectoral muscles, deltoid muscle;
  • gluteus;
  • quads;
  • Calves;
  • Hips.

In the case of the execution of the exercise "plank" is ensured a uniform distribution of the loads on all groups of muscles, due to this and efficiency. In addition, if you run properly no load joints on the knee, what the bar makes it accessible to people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but only after consultation with the doctor and under the guidance of an experienced Fitness Trainer.


Classic Ironing refers to an isometric group of exercises: if carried out correctly no strain on the joints, the body remains motionless, static, anchored. It has two types:

Stroke on the stretched arms. Such variant is very simple, a beginner is, because the burden falls on the feet.Focus on the elbow. Hold this Position more difficult, since the weight is distributed evenly between all of the vertices: the forearm, the elbow, the muscles of the legs. It takes a lot of effort to the body in a level Position.

For the execution of the emphasis on straight arms, or elbows, such as for push-UPS. The body must be stretched in a straight line. The practice has a second name — "the Board", which is exactly the essence describes the posture of the back: it should not be the deflections in the lower back, the stretched buttocks, the legs, the king's meadow moved in together. This provision must be delayed, in the course of 20-30 seconds, in which all muscle groups are felt, perhaps even the emergence of a slight tremor, or the feeling of heat is Testament to all of the correctness of one of the Milk. To perform the measurement latte at home with ease, it requires no special equipment or forms.


Side-to-side bracket uses the muscles of the waist and to the side. You can also a direct support on Hand and elbow, and the following sequence:

  • you take the Position as for a classic strap;
  • the body 90 degrees, you will have to bring a stable Position: one Hand supports itself on the floor, a carpet, a different high;
  • you draw the whole body in one line, the feeling of tension in the area of the waist, lateral trunk muscles;
  • fix the Position in the course of 20-30 seconds.

Side-to-side Ironing requires the control of equilibrium and Balance, improves coordination, concentration.


Woman can be difficult, a flat stomach, due to the anatomical peculiarities: for vynashivanija the child a sufficient layer of fat. But in most cases, of course, obesity — a result of counterfeiters diet, lack of exercise and psychological problems. The main thing — to take time for yourself, and start with the simplest exercise — twisting.

There are several of their species:

Classic.Backlinks (or leg lift).Slash — "Elbow-The King's Meadow".

You can perform at home by only the Mat or in the gym with special equipment. We consider the technique below in the section "Exercises lying on the floor".

Breathing exercises

Recently, widely used breathing exercises, which ensures that you can use it to remove earrings belly, in the flanks for a short period of time. It can be used as a complement to the Yoga postures, or normal Fitness for the reinforcement of the work of the respiratory system. In addition, these exercises can be used as Meditation, relaxation, calming, you can be a good weapon for dealing with Stress.

But any reasonable person should be clear that reliable and remove without any harm to the health of earrings belly can only help with the continuous Training, calorie deficit, changes in the dietary habits, data, and breathing techniques, to speed up the process just a few.

Jump rope

Jump rope, to start a good choice and to finish the Training, you help the body, cheer up, loosen up and warm up before the performance. In addition, regular jumps:

Improve coordination ;promote the development of circulatory System;strengthens the lungs and respiratory tract;correct your posture.

Enough 3-5 minutes before and after the Training, the effectiveness of the activities. The only limitation — jumping rope is contraindicated for people with diseases of the heart and the spine, women during Menstruation, pregnancy, as well as a high degree of obesity.

Gymnastic hoops

Another pretty common way for women to reduce the volume in the area of the abdomen and the waist exercises, special gymnastics wrap — hula. He is really able to help, but its effect is local — is a couple of inches with the area of the housing, all other areas remain untouched.

In addition, the muscle does not strengthen, but only a massaging effect, promotes the flow of lymph. Hula-Hoop bruises and bruising on the skin can leave, it all depends on his weight and quality of the rubber, from which it is made.

Teaching with the hula-Hoop is contraindicated in women in the critical days and pregnancy, gynecological diseases, are present in skin rashes, itching or irritation.


The gradients contribute to the strengthening of the lateral abdominal muscles and the waist. It is a simple, but effective exercise, many familiar from the time of the study in the school. The technique of execution is the following:

the starting position standing, feet shoulder width apart;on the exhale, lift the right arm up and do the tilt to the left, clutching the left side;on the inhale return to the starting position;exhale twisting to do in the other direction.

To enhance the effect, you can pin to take in the Hand weights 0.5 kg-1.5 kg, or the weights at the wrists. It is in the work of the muscles kvadricepsa, biceps, chest and back.

Exercises lying on the floor

Not everyone can afford a membership at the Fitness Center or find time for his visit, the output will be a need for a workout at home without equipment, only a Mat.

The rise of the housing lying on the back

Starting position — lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, on the floor. When you exhale, you have to tear from the ground the head, neck, shoulder blade, on the inhale slowly return to the starting position. Recommended 2-3 repeat 15-20 times.

Rise and fall slowly, so more tension is felt, the effect of Training is better. Connect the housing with any Cardio exercise, a good interval occupation:

30 jumps with the jump rope;10 sit-UPS lying on the back;10 jumps on the spot;20 seconds in the bar;20 slope in the direction (10 on each side);30 jumps on the rope.

3-4, such a circle of 10-15 minutes, but worked with virtually all of the muscle groups — the perfect load for the early hours of the morning. You can five times a week, to improve the physical. Form.

The rise of the legs lying

The rise of the legs in turn lying down or in reverse — an effective exercise for the lower abdomen, this is often for women, the problematic place. The technique of execution is the following:

Starting position supine, the lower back and the buttocks should be pressed firmly on the floor. Behind this you have to follow in performing exercises, or else unpleasant, painful sensations in the lumbar spine can, on the exhale, lift the legs about 45 degrees, you will feel the strong tension in the abdomen;on the inhale, lower the legs.

Beginners can lift the legs alternately, so the exercise is easier to execute. Advanced athletes can, on the contrary, complicate it: when you exhale from the bottom of the head scraping, neck, shoulder blades and legs, pulling them to each other.

Exercise "Scissors"

Exercise "scissors" homeopathically on the straight and oblique abdominal muscles, as well as the front of the thigh. It is more suitable for advanced athletes, there's an elaborate Version of the previous exercise. The technique of execution:

Starting position back location, the buttocks, the lower back, the shoulder blades firmly pressed to the floor;while exhaling you have to lift the legs at an angle of about 45 degrees to the delay of this Declaration of transfer to make the "scissors" about 8-10 times.

It is recommended that no less than three approaches, add interval Training. For complications wear, you can weight on the ankle.

Exercise on a "elbow-king's meadow"

"Elbow-king's meadow" strengthens to perform the oblique abdominal muscles:

you take the starting position, the bent king's meadow, the lower back firmly against the floor;hands behind the head, elbows in the side;when you exhale, you have to tear off from the bottom case: the head, neck, shoulder blade, Twist, draw the left elbow to the right of the king's meadow;on the inhale return to the starting position;exhale on the other side.

8-10 times for each side. Exercise can also be included in the area of Training.

Exercise "Bike"

Exercise "bike" know many are still out of school, or even Kindergarten. It is very useful, effective for the abdominal muscles, actively promotes your development. The technique of execution is the following:

Starting position supine, the lower back against the floor, the legs are bent and the arms behind the head;when you exhale you have to tear down to do the carpet of the head, neck and shoulder blades, feet a bike is "" for 10-20 seconds, time is dependent on the level of training.

To do "Bicycle" at least three times, should feel the heat and tension in the muscles of the press.

The opinion of the specialists

Experienced Fitness instructors, directly say: do not believe you, tempting photo Newspapers, make the category "before and after", the mythical reviews, view rich ass pumps or cubes for 10 days. The work on the body — a long process, not only regular exercise but also proper nutrition, working with the psychology. Already this sequence is explained, see above. Restrictions in the food and wrecking activities, the result of not yielding, if a Person is able to cope with Stress, the clamping of heavy life situations and problems, or there's always the company with all of the people in the household.

Therefore, for high-quality, competent diet pills without harm to health, both physically and mentally, it is better, the specialists of the clinic for weight reduction. Only you are able to approach the solution of a question in a complex, choose a method that is without work the life is to be anchored to a part of it.